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Like music?
Like rating communities?
Join thegroove_roomx today and you'll see that it combines both!

The Groove Room is made up of three teams. To become part of a team, simply fill out an application that you think suits your personality best. Please remember that this is just for fun and simply because you are a member of one team, it does not mean you lack the qualities of the others. No drama, thank you.

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brokenxheartsxx//Amy//19//Manc, UK

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iwantgrapes//Amy Lou//17//Lanc, UK//

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The Purple Ravers
This team is the group filled with creative types. They love to write, draw, dance, act and participate in anything that they feel reflect their creative personality! If you think you are creative, fill in this application.

The Black Emos
This team are thinkers. They like to participate in heated discussion, debate or think about things. They are moral. They are fairly reserved and keep theirselves to theirselves from time to time. If you think you are a thinker, fill in this application.

The Pink Dancers
This team are colourful, bright, energetic, sparkly, bubbly and simply bursting with life! They live life to the fullest. The Pink Dancers love to tell jokes, laugh alot and be extremely spontaneous. If you think you are a Pink Dancer, fill in this application.

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All teams can participate in the monthly and weekly activities which will score you points. At the end of the month, I will choose the member with the most points to become Member of the Month. With becoming Member of the Month you will be given the chance to change teams if you so wish and other opportunities in which you can contribue to the monthly activities. [More on that soon.] So these two types of activites will go towards your personal points.

Each day there will be two daily themes for each team which will be based around the qualities your team possesses. You will get five points for each daily theme that you complete and at the end of the month, I will add all of the points of the daily themes together and the team with the most points will become Team of the Month.

Monthly Activities! Updated on the 5th of every month
PLEASE NOTE: The Member of the Month will be given the option of deciding on the themes for the approriate monthly activities.

Write your own song!: You are given until the deadline to write a song based around the monthly theme and then post it in a new post.
Deadline: 4th August
Points: +25

Debate: Discuss and debate about the topic in hand. This month's topic is: "Emo? Is it a music genre or a way of life? What is it, what has it come to and what are your thoughts?" Discuss it here. Please respect other people's opinions. No drama.
This debate will end: 4th August
Points: +10 for everyone that participates. Points will be removed for rudeness.

Icontest Each month I will give you a theme or a band to base an icon on and at the end of the month, there will be a vote as to who wins. Please post your finished icon here. All comments are screened. This month's theme is: Love.
Deadline: 4th August
Points: +10 for entering.
+15: Third place
+30: Second place
+40: First place

Mixed Music: Each month I will post a theme and you must upload 10-15 songs that you like and are related to this theme. This month's theme is Friendship.
Deadline: 4th August
Points: +25

Weekly activities! Updated every Friday.

Create a CD cover! Each week, a theme will be posted and all you have to do is have a go at designing a CD cover making up your own band name and song title! Be as creative and funny as you like! This week's theme is heartbreak
Points: +15

Music review: I shall upload a song for everyone to download and they should review it here. Again, respect people's opinion's and music tastes. I shall also open a post for people to suggest future songs to review. This is here.
Points: +10 for reviewing.

Musical Parody! For this activity, I shall post a song, upload it [if it is not something well known] along with the lyrics and what you must do is change the lyrics to something funny. Think Weird Al type of parody! This week's song shall be: Spice Girls - Wannabe and the lyrics are here.
Points: +15

Caption Contest: Every week I will post a picture of a band and if you think you have an amusing caption to go with it, please post here. This month's picture is here.
Points: +10 for entering.
+30 for winning.

Daily Themes
As mentioned before, daily themes will be posted on the day so keep an eye out! There will be two for each team. You do not have to complete both but it will increase your the amount of points your team has if you do. You must not do another team's theme's. When doing the themes, please post in a new entry.

:: Text posts - +5
:: Picture posts - +3 per pi.cture.
:: Promo banners/icons - +5 per banner/graphic
:: Music Recommendation [got a song you love and want to share? Upload it!] + 5 per song.

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New members!

:: You must be 14 or over to join this community.
:: Please post your application within 3 days of joining or we will remove you!
:: Do not start drama with members voting for you. You may stick up for yourself but do not be rude.
:: When you join, fill in one of the two applications available choosing carefully which one you feel suits your personality best!
:: Put "Music rocks my world!" as the subject line on your application so that we know you read the rules.
:: Also put "I dance to the beat!" as the text in the LJ cut.
:: Once your application is submitted, please do not post anything until you have been accepted which should be a few days, maybe less depending on the amount of votes you get.
:: Please make sure that you can earn at least 50 points a month!


:: Once you have been accepted, you now belong to the one of the three teams and CANNOT change to any other team at any time unless you become Member of the Month.
:: Remember, this is NOT stereotypical or judgemental group, it's all for fun!
:: No drama, thank you, we can all do without it!
:: When voting on another application, you must have a reason as to why you gave them a yes, no or sway answer. If I discover anyone refusing to give reasons, I will give out a warning and if it is not complied with, I will ban them.
:: When posting with an activity, please post like this in the subject line: Yourteam//the activity//the number of points altogether in that post to make it easier for the mods. Thank you!
:: Keep active and promote so we can get this place alive!
:: On a final note, have fun!

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:: awesome_fxcks
:: not_all_beauty
:: bloodyxlocket

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Also, the first ten people to apply will be automatically accepted in order to get the community started!